Mike Shaw Automotive is a family owned and operated company with two generations working side by side. Mr. Shaw was raised in South Texas and is a 1964 graduate of Welasco High School in Weslaco, Texas. He earned a degree in business management at Texas A&M University, where he was a distinguished military student and graduate. In 1968, while attending graduate school, he began working in the auto industry with his extended family in Beaumont, Texas. After graduation, Mr. Shaw became an officer in the United States Army and spent one year in Vietnam. After serving his country as an officer in the Army he returned home to refocus his career in the automotive industry. In the mid- 1990's Mike Shaw purchased a Chevrolet- Buick- Saab dealership. In 2000, he purchased a Buick GMC store in Colorado Springs. In 2001 he opened Mike Shaw Subaru. By the year 2010 Mike Shaw owned seven dealerships, including two Honda dealerships, and a Toyota and Kia dealership as well. Mr. Shaw's passion for business, emphasis on education, and hard work has made him one of the most successful minority dealers in the country. 

    Mike and his wife Nancy have been married for 46 years and have three children and three grandchildren. they have strong ties to South Texas in San Antonio and Corpus Christi and the Colorado Springs and Denver areas of Colorado. They believe in giving back to the community with time, talent and treasure. They have contributed generously to the communities and non-profit organizations where they reside and own businesses.